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January 10, 1900



"Oh my God. Look what's coming our way!!!"

Not only is this a lyric from Red Peters' new disco song, "Pullin' It All Night Long", but it's also an early warning to his fans and admirers that...Ol' Blue Balls Is Back!

"When the executives at Ball Bag Records approached me to record a second album, I said 'what do you think... I'm stupid?'. Did you ever hear about the sophomore jinx?", huffs Peters. " I'm no dope. I said if you want me, I gotta move right on to the third album or no deal."

It didn't take long for them to realize who they were dealing with. After all, with the success of his first record, "I Laughed, I Cried, I Fudged My Undies!", Red had the world by the balls and he was in no hurry to let go.

He wanted the same freedom he'd always enjoyed in the studio, total creative control and the ability to experiment with many different music styles. He also insisted on having Alan Pinchloaf back as narrator and using top shelf talent. Names like the Phillip Oliver Hole Singers, the Harry Kuntz Orchestra, Smelly Water, Meat Raffle,Yo Ma Ma and Three Dog Mouth to name a few. He also demanded a previously unheard of stipulation in the music industry, the placement of advertising space on the album for several of his own business ventures. Ball Bag was in no position to play hard ball.

Peters had achieved financial security with "Undies" and enjoyed the life of an entrepreneur. He silent partnered a car dealership, "Babe's Auto Villa" with bandleader Babe Marino and the duo were well known for their self produced radio & TV commercials.

He also bought a hamster ranch that produced miniature fur coats for a popular doll company. Protests forced him to convert the ranch to a chicken farm for another mildly succesful venture into the "slow food" industry with his "Natural Causes Chicken".

And tragically, like so many performers thrust into the limelight before him, Peters turned to drugs. But this time legitimately with his start-up, Peters Pharmacuticals where he continued writing and producing his own spots for "Peenitch" and "Up Your Ass" suppositories.

Peters insisted these commercials appear on the album, including a spot for his most desperate venture, "Gourmet Firewood", which to no one's surprise has shocked and infuriated antiquity lovers and environmentalists around the world.

His numbness and trancelike creative spells were often mistaken for aloofness or conceit. But in reality, he has never meant anyone any harm. Ball Bag knew that Peters' had them by the "ball bag" and couldn't hang for long without finally agreeing to Peters' strict demands.

Ball Bag gave Red the green light for "Blue Balls" and 5 months later it was in the can.

Although it had been five years since his last album, many songs were captured in one or two takes. Magic was in the air.

The only hitch was that Red insisted on recording in the nude. "When the executives showed up at the first few sessions, they were afraid to look down when talking with Red.", reminisces Babe Marino, legendary bandleader and longtime friend. "He would often stand very close to them as they sat and listened to the playback. He really knows how to make people feel uncomfortable."

From that point on, they realized it was best that they leave the eccentric artist alone to wallow in his own pleasures and the hot summer of '99 yielded many treasures. From the opening strains of "The Spelling Song" to the pain of "Use Your Hand", Red continues to explore his musical boundaries. From disco , to the romantic, to polka, to R&B, to country, to rock, no one tells it like it is, like Red Peters!

Ladies and gentlemen, Ol' Blue Balls Is Back!


© 1999

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