Comic/singer and radio host, Red Peters, is producing two one hour holiday shows, his annual It’s A Red Peters Christmas!, and a one hour New Years Special on Sirius XM, in December.

The Holiday versions of the Red Peters Comedy Music Hour will broadcast Monday, December 21 and Wednesday December 23 at 7pm ET on Howard 101, and replay Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

As a collector, writer and producer of holiday songs, Red realized, perhaps more than anyone, that Christmas means different things to different people. And these shows will showcase some of the most original, diverse, funny and tragic, uncut and uncensored Christmas songs you’ll ever hear.

“All I can say is, this issome pretty raw stuff. It’s definitely not your Burl Ives Christmas, or for the tame of heart.” warns Peters. “But, the songs are remarkably original and heartfelt and at times pretty funny!”

There’s “Herpes InfectedChristmas Elf” by Pooch, and “Naughty Or Nice” by Francine, The Queen Of Obscene. And “I’ve Got A Boner For Christmas” by Nerf Herder and “Gangsta Rap Xmas” by No Talent.. You’ll hear “Santa Claus Has Got The AIDS This Year” by Tiny Tim, and both of Red’s Christmas favorites, “Holy Sh**, It’s Christmas!” and “You Ain’t Getting’ Sh** For Christmas!”. He’ll play “Give The Jew Girl Toys” by Sarah Silverman, and “Lonely Jew On Christmas” by South Park.

“It’s a challenge to fit all my favorites into 2-one hour shows.” said Peters. “I’ve collected a lot of really outrageous holiday songs over the years!”.

Red’s one hour New Years Eve show will air on December 28 and replay New Year’s Eve, and feature a mix of the old and the new. He’ll play some of the most memorable submissions to his show from the past four years, and will sprinkle in a few brand, new song submissions from 2009. In late November, he will make a plea, and request listeners to submit new songs to his show.

“I’ll ask if they’ve recorded any good songs that could only play on satellite radio, if you know what I mean.” says Red with a wink. “Or if they know anyone who has recorded any funny “general subject” songs this year? Maybe they know some obscure song I don’t know about. It’s a good chance to get creative and produce something new, or dig up and introduce a rare song no one’s ever heard before.”

All the shows will replay randomly over the Holidays.

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