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Press Release

August 3, 2005

Red To Celebrate Bax & O’Brien 10th Anniversary August 13th

O'Brien, Red & Bax

Red Peters will be entertaining with The Dips at Louie B’s on Lake Congamond in Southwick, MA on Saturday August 13 at 2:00pm. He’ll be there to help Bax & O’Brien celebrate their 10th Anniversary as the morning team on Rock 102, WAQY in Springfield, MA.

There will be a Cardboard Boat Race on the lake where participants can win $1000.00, a spicy bean eating contest where listeners can win other valuable prizes, and other surprises.

Red helped B&O celebrate their 2000th show in 2003 at Hooters, and is returning by popular demand to rock the outdoors and have some fun.

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