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July 20, 2005

Johnny Slade To Screen At Rhode Island International Film Festival

There will be a special screening of the independent film, Johnny Slade’s Greatest Hits at the Rhode Island International Film Festival on August 10, 2005 at 9pm.

The mob spoof features Soprano alumni, John Fiore in the lead role, with supporting cast Vincent Curatola, Richard Portnow, Frank Santorelli and Red Peters.

Down-and-out lounge singer Johnny Slade is hired by a mystery man to open a hot new club, the catch being he's given a new—and terrible—song to sing each night. Noticing that whenever he sings one a new crime is committed, Johnny gradually realizes his songwriter-benefactor is a powerful mob boss in hiding and his "Greatest Hits" are the only way the man can give orders to his crew...

Johnny Slade's Greatest Hits is the story of a struggling lounge singer who could never get a break. Johnny's luck changes when he lands a gig at a hot new club. Little does he know that the club is owned by a former high-profile mob boss, now in hiding. The Dean Martin wannabe soon learns his "Greatest Hits" are more than humble tunes. As his popularity rises, Johnny begins to draw a strange correlation between the songs that he is asked to perform and the morning newspaper crime reports...

Johnny Slade’s Greatest Hits will enjoy it’s world premiere at the Boston Film Festival in early September. (see website for details)

Johnny Slade’s Greatest Hits Official Website

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