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Press Release

By Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa
from the Boston Herald
Wednesday November 12, 2003

Red set to go Carol-ing

Risque song-and-dance man Red Peters of "A Dog Named Stains" fame and Hill Holliday producer Greg Roman, who starred in the Sundance Film Festival sensation "Titler," will co-star in a TV sitcom pilot called "Carol."

Directed by Mark Hankey of Picture Park, the pilot features Red as Carol's best friend and the owner of the nightclub next to the diner where Carol works. Peters will sing his hit "How's Your Whole...Family" in the show.

Peters will also play himself in the upcoming comedy flick, "Johnny Slade's Greatest Hits," with John Fiore of "The Sopranos." Red will be the comic who introduces Johnny at The Club every night.

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