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Red Peters

12-27-06 from

It was the final day of packing (After 17 years I moved my office and Shrine to a new location). I was listening to Red Peters on Howard 101 and laughing my ass off. One of my favorite Christmas songs was being played, You Ain’t Getting Shit for Christmas. I enjoyed the Red Peters Christmas show so much, I decided to shoot Red an email to tell him. Red wrote back the next day, and thanked me for the kind words and support. He also offered to do an interview with me. Packing, unpacking, Christmas shopping…Life was very hectic to say the least. Red Peters headshot I am going to need some help on this one I thought. I quickly made a thread on my message board, and asked the True Fans of Stern for their assistance…they didn’t disappoint. Scrotum down and read the interview with Red thanks to the great Stern fans at the Shrine. Don’t worry…I managed to get my How big is your cock question in.

Bloodorflies: I wouldn’t mind finding out how he connected with Howard in the first place, and ended up with one of the first “special” shows, and longest running.

Red Peters: Howard discovered my song “How’s Your Whole… Family?” on a radio station CD for charity, by a DJ in St. Paul, MN by the name of Tom Barnard. He thought this DJ, who he hated, sang the tune. He mocked the song and repeatedly played it one morning. I happened to hear him and almost drove off the road. The next morning I did a phoner with Howard, and was on the air for more than 20 minutes. He fell in love with my song, “Dog Named Stains (“come Stains!...”) and the rest is history.

IheartNY: How did you start writing your songs, what was your influence and what was the first one you wrote?

Red Peters: I started writing in college (Massachusetts College Of Art) in 1969, with my group Gross National Productions. But my first hit was “Blow Me (You Hardly Even Know Me)” in 1984. My influences were and are Frank Zappa, Spike Jones, Bonzo Dog Band, Cheech & Chong, Firesign Theater, George Carlin, Frank Sinatra, to name a few.

IheartNY: When was your first appearance on the Howard Stern show? (and do you remember what song(s) you sang?

Red Peters: My first appearance was in 1996 and I sang, “Ballad Of A Dog Named Stains”.

IheartNY: Besides the lack of censorship, what is your favorite thing about being on Sirius?

Red Peters: My favorite thing is being in an environment that inspires creativity through freedom. Something new and different has a chance to be born there.

IheartNY: Do people recognize you “on the street”?

Red Peters: Yes, but I don’t go out much.

IheartNY: Was there a lot of controversy over the “Diana” song?

Red Peters: None, only approval. My producer, Ed Grenga wrote that song, and when I first sang it, I wasn’t really sure if the song was any good. I was actually saddened by her death, so I really got into it and sang my heart out. I was surprised it was so well received.

TerryGale: What are Red’s “post-Stern” plans?

When I Jerk Off, I Think of You poster

Red Peters: Las Vegas baby!

Kaelyn Landers: Ask him if he’s ever been in a orgy…?

Red Peters: I’ve been in a few, maybe 5 or 6. I can say one thing. It’s hard to concentrate since you only have one dick. You can’t get blown and fuck at the same time! Although I’ve tried.

Doc: How big is your penis?

Red Peters: Fairly large. It used to be 9 inches. Now it’s only about 8.

Doc: Are you a Dr. Demento fan?

Red Peters: Huge Dr. Demento fan. He’s the king, and has been very supportive of me over the years.

Doc: How much pot do you smoke a day these days?

Red Peters: Around two joints a day.

IheartNY: What song is your personal favorite?

Red Peters: Of my songs, “When I Jerkoff, I think Of You”, “Blow Me”, “How’s Your Whole… Family?”, “You Ain’t Gettin’ Shit For Christmas!”- there’s so many I like. Of listener submissions, I like “5 Big Boners Wiggling In Your Grandma’s Face”,”God Will Fuck You Up”, “Coulter’s Snatch”, “Do You Take It In The Ass?”, “25 Dollar Blowjob”, “There’s A Critter Up My Shitter” for starters - there are so many good ones.

IheartNY: Of all the entries sent in by your fans, how many of them do you use on your show?

Red Peters: I’d say the ratio is 1 in 20.

IheartNY: What do you REALLY think of Jackie the Jokeman?

Red Peters: I like Jackie. He’s the king of the standard joke telling. I’m more of a fan of original humor never heard or created before.

monty: Red has actually grown on me. I am starting to get a kick from his show. If I had one question for Red I would ask him if he thinks the Patriots are gonna win the Superbowl. He’s a big Patriots fan.

Red Peters: I love the Patriots. They are my sports passion right now. I think they have a shot, but there is a lot of parity in the NFL right now, and that’s good, because there’s always a good game on. I also like watching Seattle and the Giants. (I’m back on the Red Sox band wagon)

uzplayer: What are some of your inspirations for writing the songs you write?

Red Peters: Stupidity, silliness, goofiness, challenging authority, sex, getting blown, fucking, being a wise guy. Did I say getting blown?

uzplayer: Are you going to continue with Howard 101 for the life of Stern’s contract?

Red Peters: I’m not sure.

uzplayer: How do you feel about terrestrial radio?

Red Peters: Other than local news and traffic reports on AM radio, FM radio is unlistenable, boring, repetitive, rude, too many ads, too much bullshit, phony premises, contrived, old fashioned, no creativity, a dying medium.

uzplayer: Who are some of your other favorite Howard Stern personalities and your opinions on them? (I.E. Riley Martin, etc.)

Ol' Blue Balls is Back CD cover I Laughed…I Cried…I Fudged My Undies! CD cover

Red Peters: I’m a Howard fan all the way. I like his new shows best. And the replays are the balls. That’s all I listen to. (besides myself)

UncleTodd: Do you tour at all? If not, why not

Red Peters: Not usually. I’m working on a permanent Vegas show.

UncleTodd:: Will there be a ‘listener submission’ CD available anytime soon?

Red Peters: Yes, this March 2007, I’m issuing my first volume. It’s going to be a great CD of 16 songs. Every cut is entertaining. Plus you’ll be able to download single songs on iTunes.

UncleTodd: Has he ever done the ‘Tastisksank’ girls or Francine for that matter?

Red Peters: Not yet, but I’m working on it. (Does jerking off count? If so, yes.)

UncleTodd: Red is great—so laid back and filthy—must listen radio at 7:00 Fridays on 101

Red Peters: I agree. It’s a joy finding the songs I play. I agonize over every song selection. I want the show to be good, from beginning to end. Be sure and check out the 3 1/2 hour year-end countdown show which will air December 30th and 31st at 8pm ET on Howard 101. THANK-YOU TO ALL MY LISTENERS, AND THANK-YOU DOC!!!

Red Peters:
The Red Peters Show Howard 100 + 101
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“My favorite thing is being in an environment that inspires creativity through freedom.” You said it Red. That is the kind of environment we try to offer Stern fans, as well as non Stern fans, at the Shrine. It’s what separates us from the other so-called Stern sites. Thank you Red for taking the time to answer our questions, and keep up the great work with the show. It is without a doubt one of my favorites on the Howard channels.

Be sure and check out Red on Howard 101, and if you would like to chat with any of the True Fans of Stern drop by and speak your mind!!

Happy Holidays everyone from Doc and the True Fans of Stern from the Howardshrine Family!!!!

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