Letter To Fans December 2001

My Fellow Redheads

Well it's been a few months now since 9/11 and day by day, our country is beginning to adjust to the new norm. It's strange, but people are once again realizing that laughter is often the best medicine for healing.

And I think it's great that, as Americans, we are experiencing a whole new wave of patriotism. However, every second is critical in our fight against terrorism and I have found a way to express patriotism without wasting precious moments.

It's called "The :10 Second National Anthem". It's for people who don't have the time to wait around for the whole song. There's a free MP3 of it in the Sound Snatches section of redpeters.com. I hope it inspires you.

You'll also find several other classic tunes, including my newest recording, "Jalala-la-la-la-bad, I Can't Find The Time To Bomb You." Babe Marino penned the arrangement and produced a beautiful, rousing rendition only a few weeks ago.

You should be hearing my two Christmas songs by now, the ever-popular "Holy Shit, It's Christmas!" with the New Christy Hamsters and the heartrending, "You Ain't Gettin' Shit For Christmas!" with the Phillip Oliver Hole Singers.

Don't be afraid to request them at your favorite radio station. Check out the growing list of stations that are playing my songs by checking out our new "Request Red Peters on Radio" section.

And be on the look-out December 10, 2001 for the newly re-designed, repackaged, re-issue of my hit first album, "I Laughed, I Cried, I Fudged My Undies!". This Limited Edition will be available exclusively through www.redpeters.com. I personally put together the exciting new design for the CD cover and songbook. Look for some never-before published photos of yours truly!. I know your gonna LOVE IT!

I want to thank all the DJs around the country and the world for spinning my records and for being so supportive for all these years. To those brave DJs who had the balls to spread my music all over this great country and overseas, I thank you all, from the bottom of my pants.

I also want to thank my loyal fans for their support and great mail in the past year. I cherish the wonderful memories of meeting you in person at my limited engagements. Looking ahead, I've already booked four dates next summer on The Comedy Cruise in Boston Harbor. I look forward to performing more throughout the country in 2002.

The beautiful and talented "Delicious Dips" (Patience Belongings, Ivana Duya and Sandy Clamplate) added so much pizzaz to my shows this year. And I couldn't do it without the musical strengths of Babe Marino, Art Sandcrafts, Kook, Herbal T and Mr. Bogus. These are the same show business veterans who'll make my next album a reality. And special thanks to our webmaster, Rich Martin for making this website so enjoyable.

In the meantime, make this Christmas a special one for someone you love. There's nothing more considerate than giving the gift that keeps on giving all year round. The gift of Red Peters. Whether it's individual albums, or the coveted "Undies + Balls" combo-platter, hours of laughter is only a few clicks away! Order now and have them in time for Christmas!

Thank-you all and don't get any on you!





P.S. Be sure to order your gift wrapped Gourmet Firewood in time for Christmas, while supplies last!

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