The First Time That I Met You

(Grenga, Stevens, Johnson)

Red Peters with The Windbreakers and the Delicious Dips

I wandered through this crazy town, my head up in a cloud
Looking for a place to do my biz
I zipped my fly and saw that I'd attracted quite a crowd
but your face it was the one I couldn't miss

The first time that I saw you baby
I thought I stepped in shit
At least that's what it felt like baby
the more I think of it.
Now I stand here unafraid
I wanna get laid (he wants to get laid)
I wanna get laid

we talked all nite and got to know each other inside out
you taught me what it means to be a girl
and should I find it hard again I won't sit here and pout
we'll take a little trip around the world

(girls only)
The first time that you met me baby
you thought that I was such a pig

but that's what I love about you baby
You really do the things I dig
and I'm so glad that you stayed
now I wanna get laid

I wanna get laid in the sunshine
I wanna get laid in the moonlight baby
I'd rather get blown but I'll settle for a handy
as long as it's your hand and not my own

(trumpet solo)

The first time that we held each other
I thought I'd lose my place
you guided me inside your mind, love
and then onto your face
The greatest love the world has ever known
I wanna get blown (he wants to get blown)
I wanna get blown
and then I wanna get laid

© 1999

keyboards - Ed Grenga
bass - Tim Archibald
guitar - Kook Lawry
cornet - Red Peters
vocals - Gigi, Patty Barkas, Julie Foster

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