It’s a Red Peters Christmas!

(running time- 1:46:42)

This show is dedicated to the great singer/songwriter, Larry Pierce, who passed away before this program was completed.

Play it! Listen to it! Do it now!
Open & Red Intro (01:07)
  1. “Holy Shit, It’s Christmas!”- Red Peters & The New Christy Hamsters
  2. “Merry Fucking Christmas”- Those Dreaded Gnats
  3. “Sober Christmas”- Camp Friends
  4. “Merry Christmas Hand Job”- MacLean & MacLean
Red Peters- Break 1 (11:17)
  1. “Sno’ Balls”- Rudy Casoni
  2. “Cold Blooded Christmas”- Jon Lajoie
  3. “Silent Butt Deadly Night”- Jingle Smells
  4. “Fuck You If You Don’t Like Christmas”- Crudbump
Red Peters- Break 2 (22:32)
  1. “Merry Fucking Christmas”- Larry Pierce
  2. “Gimme Stuff”- Rappy Mcrapperson
  3. “Here Comes Fatty Claus With His Sack Of Shit”- Rudolph & The Gang
  4. “I Farted On Santa’s Lap”- The Little Stinkers
Red Peters- Break 3 (34:57)
  1. “Fuck Christmas”- Eric Idle
  2. “Have A Wonderful Hawaiian Christmas”- Red Peters & The Delicious Dips
  3. “Gangsta Rap Christmas”- No Talent In The House
  4. “If It Doesn’t Snow On Christmas”- Joe Pesci
Red Peters- Break 4 (45:51)
  1. “The Christmas Gift”- Margaret Cho & Red Peters
  2. “Lonely Jew On Christmas”- Mr. Hankey’s Christmas
  3. “Give The Jew Girl Toys”- Sarah Silverman
  4. “Why Don’t You Go Fuck Yourself This Christmas”- Niki Luparelli
  5. “Merry Fuckin’ Christmas”- Denis Leary
Red Peters- Break 5 (58:09)
  1. “Christmastime In Hell- Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Poo
  2. “Whacking Off With Tree Sap”- Pooch
  3. “Great Big Xmas Balls”- Q
  4. “I Had Sex With Santa”- Barnes & Barnes
  5. “Santa Claus Has Got The AIDs This Year”- Tiny Tim
Red Peters- Break 6 (1:10:39)
  1. “Christmas Idiot”- Jessica Delfino
  2. “I’ve Got A Boner For Christmas” - Nerf Herder
  3. “Merry Christmas From The Taggarts”- Billionaires Club
  4. “Naughty Or Nice”- Francine, The Queen of Obscene
Red Peters- Break 7 (1:24:44)
  1. “Merry Fucking Christmas”- Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Poo
  2. “There’s Nothin’ Like Good Shit After Christmas Dinner”- Alabama Big Earl
  3. “I Wanna Rock You Hard This Christmas”- The Dan Band
  4. “You Ain’t Gettin’ Shit For Christmas!”- Red Peters & The Alan Pinchloaf Singers
RED PETERS CLOSE- “The Christmas Closing Song (Get The Fuck Out!)” 1:38:41
  1. BONUS TRACK – Happy New Year! (1:42:53)
    “Have Another Drink On Me”- Dickie Weed