A duet with Todd Rundgren
Red Peters & Todd Rundgren sing “Blow Me”

Illustration by Timothy Shamey

“BLOW ME (You Hardly Even Know Me)”

30th Anniversary Commemorative Edition

In late 2012, as Red Peters was busy monitoring his social media sites, he began receiving messages from fans in various cities about one of his most beloved songs. At shows across America, songwriter and record producer, Todd Rundgren and his band had been performing Red’s signature song “Blow Me (You Hardly Even Know Me)”.

Peters wrote and recorded the original “Blow Me” with the Babe Marino Orchestra in the summer of 1984. Initially released as a 45 rpm single, it became a cult favorite in jukeboxes across America and a staple on underground FM radio.

Since Red had recently begun working on an album concept that involved collaborating with other artists, he approached Rundgren and asked if he would like to sing a duet of the song to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the original recording.

Rundgren (“Hello It’s Me”, “I Saw The Light”, “Bang The Drum All The Day”) agreed, and over the next several months, after settling on a suitable musical direction and a new big band arrangement by producer, Ed Grenga, each artist recorded their vocals virtually- Rundgren in Hawaii and Peters in Boston.

The result was a new, lively spoken introduction, and a fresh and classic interpretation of the song which also features background vocals from three of the original surviving members of the Alan Pinchloaf Singers.

NYC illustrator, Timothy Shamey reprises his talents, as he has on many of Red’s music projects, creating quintessential caricatures of both performers for the cover art.

The song was released on September 9, 2014 on Ball Bag Records and can be downloaded wherever fine music is sold, including iTunes, amazon, etc.

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Arranged & Produced by Ed Grenga
Conducting The Babe Marino Orchestra

Aboard the MV Martha Washington 1984

Red Peters premiered the original “Blow Me” in Boston Harbor aboard the MV Martha Washington in August 1984.
(Grenga is to his right in white suit.)


Todd Rundgren singing “Blow Me”
Live at City Winery, NYC 2012