Red Peters
Red Peters & The Alan Pinchloaf Singers - When I Jerk Off, I Think of You (Studio Version) - Single - When I Jerk Off, I Think of You

The Red Peters Comedy Music Hour

Special July 4th Independence Day Weekend Show
(Original Airdate July 4, 2013 5pm EDT/5pm PDT
Sirius XM Satellite Radio, Howard 101

  1. Sirius intro
  2. Hamster intro/I Can’t Say These Things - Red Peters
  3. RED open
  4. :10 Second National Anthem - Red Peters
  5. America, Fuck Yeah - Team America, World Police
  6. FCC Song - Eric Idle
  7. Seven Words You Can’t Say On TV - George Carlin
  8. Freedom Of Speech - Immortal Technique
  9. Yankee Doodle Dandy - Pull My Finger
  10. Kiss My Ass - Denis Leary
  11. Tight Pussy, Loose Shoes, And A warm Place To Shit - Loose Shoes
  12. Freedom Of Speech - X-Raided
  13. Shut The Fuck Up - Revolucion (unknown)
  14. I Am Not A Terrorist - Whitie McWhiteovich (unknown)
  15. Jalalalalabad - Red Peters
  16. Vice Laws - Doug Stanhope
  17. Islam Here Comes The Bomb - The Billionaires Club
  18. Fuck You - Lily Allen
  19. Angry Anthem - Forces Of Evil
  20. Coulter’s Snatch - Hamell On Trial
  21. Come Inside Of Me Jesus - Rappy McRapperson
  22. Fuck Your God - Doug Stanhope
  23. The Hand Of The Almighty - John R. Butler
  24. America, Fuck Yeah (bummer remix) - Team America, World Police
  25. RED close
  26. The Closing Song - Red Peters
  27. Sirius Close

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