Red Peters
Red Peters & The Alan Pinchloaf Singers - When I Jerk Off, I Think of You (Studio Version) - Single - When I Jerk Off, I Think of You

The Red Peters Comedy Music Hour

Yearend Rear End Music Special!
(Original Airdate Monday, December 21, 2011 at 7pm EST)
Sirius XM Satellite Radio, Howard 101

  1. Sirius intro
  2. Hamster intro/I Can’t Say These Things - Red Peters
  3. RED open
  4. Who Ya’ Fuckin’? - The Wild Billz
  5. Everybody’s Fucking But Me - Durwood Douche
  6. I Wanna Suck Your Pussy Til Your Head Caves In - Rich ‘n Famous
  7. I Want To Fuck You - Wim De Bie
  8. Smell Yo Dick - Riskay
  9. What Do I Gotta Do To Get Some Head? - Nixon Abria
  10. He’s An Asshole - Francine, The Queen Of Obscene
  11. Bulky Cock - Ted Pillman
  12. Vagina - Pig Vomit
  13. Women Problems - Paul D’Angelo
  14. Fuck You - Garfunkel & Oates
  15. Big Clit - Probing Digit
  16. Enormous Penis - DaVinci’s Notebook
  17. I Jerk Off At Work - William H Nutsack
  18. Animal Sex - Robert Schimmel
  19. Let’s Talk Dirty To The Animals - Gilda Radner
  20. Have Another Drink On Me - Mr. Dickie Weed
  21. RED close
  22. The Closing Song - Red Peters
  23. Sirius Close

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