Red Peters
Red Peters & The Alan Pinchloaf Singers - When I Jerk Off, I Think of You (Studio Version) - Single - When I Jerk Off, I Think of You

The Red Peters Comedy Music Hour

It’s A Red Peters Christmas! Part One
(Original Airdate December 23, 2010)
3pm ET Sirius XM Satellite Radio, Howard 101

  1. Sirius intro
  2. Hamster intro/I Can’t Say These Things - Red Peters
  3. RED open
  4. The Christmas Gift - Red Peters (duet w/Margaret Cho)
  5. Fuck Christmas - Eric Idle
  6. Christmastime In Hell - Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics
  7. Cold Blooded Christmas - Jon Lajoie
  8. Merry Fucking Christmas - Those Dreaded Gnats
  9. Chucky, The Christmas Rat - Q
  10. Have A Wonderful Hawaiian Christmas - Red Peters
  11. Herpes Infected Elf - Pooch
  12. Merry Fucking Christmas - Larry Pierce
  13. Santa Loves You - William H Nutsack
  14. Merry Christmas From The Taggarts - The Billionaires Club
  15. I Wanna Rock You Hard This Christmas - The Dan Band
  16. Silent Butt Deadly Night - Jingle Smells
  17. Naughty Or Nice - Francine, The Queen Of Obscene
  18. Santa Santa - Jackie West
  19. I’ve Got A Boner For Christmas - Nerf Herder
  20. Santa Claus Has Got The AIDS This Year - Tiny Tim
  21. Tired Of Cleaning Reindeer Shit Off My Roof - Alabama Big Earl
  22. Merry Fucking Christmas - Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics
  23. RED close
  24. The Closing Song - Red Peters
  25. Sirius Close

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It’s A Red Peters Christmas!

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