The Red Peters Show

The Red Peters Show #2

Original air date - December 18, 2005

The Christmas Show
  1. Intro / I Can’t Say These Things Red Peters
  2. RED intro
  3. Mike Interrupts- “Santa’s Got A Boner”
  4. Holy Shit, It’s Christmas Red Peters
  5. Listener Submission #1- “Cock In The Pussy” Cock Lorge
  6. A Red Peters Exclusive- “Santa Santa” Jack + Billy West
  7. “Fuck Christmas” Fear
  8. RED
  9. “Merry Fucking Christmas” Denis Leary
  10. “If It Doesn’t Snow This Christmas” Joe Pesci
  11. “Winter Wonderland” John Valby
  12. “Lonely Jew On Christmas” South Park
  13. RED
  14. Mike Interrupts- “Gangsta Rap Christmas”
  15. Listener Submission #2- “All Ads AM 100” Noel Rhodes
  16. “Silent But Deadly Night” Pull My Finger CD
  17. RED
  18. from the motion picture“National Lampoon Christmas” Chevy Chase
  19. “Here Comes Fatty Claus” Rudolph + Gang
  20. “Give The Jew Girl Toys” Sarah Silverman
  21. “Santa’s Gonna Kick Your Ass” Arrogant Worms
  22. “Merry Fuckin’ Christmas” South Park
  23. Listener Submission #3- “No One In The Whitehouse” Mark and Glenn Rechler
  24. “Sno’ Balls” Toby Huss
  25. “You Ain’t Getting’ Shit For Christmas!” Red Peters
  26. RED concludes
  27. “The Closing Song” (Get The Fuck Ouuta Here) Red Peters

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