The Red Peters Show

The Red Peters Show #1

Original air date - November 18, 2005

The Pilot
  1. Intro / ”I Can’t Say These Things” Red Peters
  2. RED intro
  3. “Touched By An Uncle” Bob Gay
  4. “Up Your Ass Suppositories” advertisement Red Peters
  5. “Baby Blue” Red Peters
  6. RED
  7. Mike interruption #1- “Then She Put It In Her Mouth”
  8. “Cock Push-ups” Tenacious D
  9. “Enormous Penis” DaVinci’s Notebook
  10. “The Vagina Song” Rodney Carrington
  11. RED
  12. Listener Submission #1- “He’s An Asshole” Francine
  13. “Assbasing” PSA Red Peters
  14. RED
  15. Mike interruption #2- “Let’s Have A Threesome”
  16. “The Ballad Of A Dog Named Stains” Red Peters
  17. Great Moments In Fartent History- JFK
  18. RED
  19. Listener Submission #2- “Underpants 4U” Underpants 5
  20. “Babe’s Auto Villa” advertisement Red Peters
  21. Dick Tucker Interview “Sinatra Tribute”
  22. RED
  23. “My True Meeting With The Shah Of Iran” from the documentary ”Meeting The Beautiful People”
  24. “Team America” from the motion picture “Team America- World Police”
  25. “Oh Bin Laden” John Valby
  26. “Nation Of Assholes”
  27. RED
  28. Mike interruption #3- “Fellatio Contest”
  29. Listener Submission #3- “Do You Like Brittany Spears?” Ah Soul!
  30. “Peenitch” advertisement Red Peters
  31. Great Moments In Fartent History- Neil Armstrong
  32. Tourette Benefit- National Anthem Red Peters
  33. RED concludes
  34. “The Closing Song” Red Peters

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