Ol' Blue Balls Is Back! Ball Bag Records
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Ol' Blue Balls Is Back!
The Spelling Song
I Don't Just Love You Down There
Pullin' It All Night Long
The First Time I Met You
I Wanna Polka Polka
Doggy Style
Babe's Auto Villa
You Ain't Getting Shit For Christmas!
Up Your Ass
Long And Hard
Natural Causes Chicken
The Closing Song
Use Your Hand
Take It Out At The Ballgame
Gourmet Firewood
The Pope
The Spelling Song (karaoke)
The Closing Song (karaoke)

Check out this video clip of Red's latest televison commercial!

An Open Letter From Red To His Fans

Dear Friends

People in the industry tell me that 5 years is along time between albums. Hey, what do I know, I'm the kid whose father always called him the "poor mans Frank Sinatra". And besides, I thought I had said all I had to say with "I Laughed, I Cried, I Fudged My Undies!" What did I have to prove?

But then there were the murmurings. The jive remarks about the sophomore jinx thing. How I didn't have any balls to record another album and that my mother wore army boots.

Well, the executives at Ball Bag Records changed everything when they made me an offer too generous to refuse. But I did have a few stipulations.

  1. No one would ever refer to this as my second album. It would be simply called Volume 3.
  2. I would have complete creative freedom to record whatever musical style I wanted.
  3. I could bring back my good friend Babe Marino, have Pinchloaf narrate and hire whoever the hell I wanted to participate on this record.
  4. And then, the most outrageous request ever granted in an album deal, the right to advertise my various businesses on the album.

I may be soft, but I'm not stupid. And that my friend, tipped the scales.

So here you go. A big mixed bag of songs, some new bits and a couple radio skits you've been asking me for.

Hey, life is too long, you gotta have fun.




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